Featured Class: Chess at Compass

Enter the miniature world of a tabletop battlefield where bishops and knights hold court, a queen yields the most power, and a lowly pawn can ambush a king. Learn the game of chess at Compass this fall! Kids can build key life skills by learning the game of chess: Memory Concentration Logical Reasoning Strategy Creative Thinking ... More

Compass Classes Closed February 20 Due to Snow/Ice

Compass Classes will be closed Wednesday, February 20, because of the incoming winter storm.Current families and instructors should check their e-mails for updated information on make-up days affecting the end of 3rd quarter (now March 20), start of 4th quarter (now March 27), and the rescheduled Talent and Art Show (now March 26). More

WANTED: Writings & Art for the PenPoint Literary Magazine

Short stories, essays, poems, art, and photographs are needed for the upcoming edition of the PenPoint literary magazine!PenPoint is an anthology created by students for students. The publication will showcase the writing and artistic skills of homeschooled teens from around the DC metropolitan area.Submissions do not need to have ... More

Featured Class: Creative Journaling Workshop

Teens... Don’t write poetry? Think you can’t draw?Maybe not, but you may still want a creative way to record your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and ideas! In this four-week workshop, teens will learn how to use creative journaling for self-expression and self-discovery. Creative journaling is not writing daily “Dear Diary” style ... More

Featured Class: Programming Labs

Learn to code in one of Compass’s Programming Labs this spring!Today’s kids need to be fluent in the language of computers to be successful! Programming Lab is a computer lab learning environment in which students work through skill-building activities and instructional modules at their own rate of learning under the guidance of a ... More

Featured Class: Spring Dissection Lab

Dissections: The science skill that kids enjoy and the thing you may not want to do at home!Middle school students will investigate the comparative anatomy of a variety of organisms through in-class dissections. Students will complete individual and group dissections of organisms from a range of phyla including a sponge, hydra, grassho... More

Sign Up Now for the Senior Spelling Bee!

2019 Senior Spelling Bee: Wednesday, March 6Spelling and word enthusiasts are encouraged to join us for this spelling bee which is a "school level" contest for in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The Compass winner will advance to the Fairfax County spelling bee in March 2018. The Senior Spelling Bee is for students ages 9 and above. ... More

LAST CHANCE: Junior Homeschool Spelling Bee (2/6/19)

Last call for Contestants for the 2019 annual Junior Homeschool Spelling Bee!The Junior Homeschool Spelling Bee is a casual, low pressure beginners’ bee to celebrate the fun of spelling! The two finalists from the Junior Bee will be invited to participate in the Senior Spelling Bee.Wednesday, February 6, 2019 4:30 pm- 5:30 pm Gr... More

Great News! Compass Spring Classes Posted- Early Registration Opens 2/5 at 6:00 am

Great news! The all-new schedule for fourth quarter homeschool classes at Compass has been posted! Spring is a great time to try some classes to wrap up your homeschool year and take advantage of some of the fun community activities we have when the weather warms up. Check out the new schedule of classes!Early registration for begins next ... More

Compass Classes Cancelled Wed. January 30

Classes will not be held Wednesday, January 30!We have received reports that main roads are clear, and the parking lot and sidewalks of the church have been plowed and salted. However, we are hearing that around the region (as always), many neighborhoods have not been plowed and are still icy. With the widespread public school cancellat... More