Get Involved! Clubs, Teams, and Activities at Compass this Year!

Compass has a great variety of clubs, teams, and activities planned for the coming year! Several clubs/teams are new this year. Some are open only to Compass students, and some are open to others in the homeschool community. Read about each and learn how to sign up at the links below!Academic Bowl Club (4th-8th grade) Alpha Rho Chapter, ... More

We Teach Math So You Don’t Have To!

Don’t remember parabolas and polynomials? Mean. Median. Matrix. Multiplicative Inverse…Help!Don’t let middle school and high school math scare you! If your tween or teen thrives with a live teacher, face-to-face explanations, and in-person classmates to collaborate with, we have homeschool math classes for you! Compass has full ... More

All New Bio-Chem Learning Labs for 2019-20

There is some science you just can’t do at home!If you don’t have a spectrometer or spring scales in your kitchen, you may need to do homeschool science somewhere else!Compass offers a unique opportunity for students to conduct biology, chemistry, and environmental science experiments in a university laboratory setting! Bio-Chem ... More

Homeschool National Honor Society Accepting New Members

Join Alpha Rho Chapter!The Alpha Rho chapter of the Homeschool National Honor Society, Eta Sigma Alpha (HSA),is accepting new member applications from homeschooled teens for the upcoming year!The goals of HSA are to:Recognize and promote scholarship and academic excellence Create opportunities for leadership Foster networking ... More

Introducing: Technovation Team for Girls

Does your daughter want to make a difference in her world? If so, she should join the Technovation Team for girls! As part of the Technovation Team, girls will work in small groups to identify a problem in the community, propose a technology-based solution, and learn to program a unique mobile app to address the issue.Imagine a phone app ... More

Does Your Child Struggle to Remember Math Facts?

Does your child struggle to remember his basic math facts? Does she make errors on simple problems because she doesn’t remember math rules? All math down the road will be more difficult for a child who has not learned the facts! Forgo the fight over multi-digit multiplication, long division, decimals, fractions, pre-algebra and beyond when ... More

Student Magazine Subscriptions Now on Sale for 2019-20!

Student magazine subscriptions are now on sale through Compass! Order them now for your 2019-20 homeschool year. 11 different titles are available for different reading levels and different interests. All editions are full color, no-advertisement “classroom” magazines that you can only get through a group order. Kids loving getting their ... More

SALE ENDS! Compass Early Registration Discount Ends June 15

Act now! The 10% Early Registration Discount for fall classes at Compass ends June 15!Check out our 132 classes for homeschooled students in PreK-12th grade, including topics in math, science, engineering, technology, history, humanities, civics, writing, French, Spanish, ASL, art, music, dance, drama, cooking, chess, fitness, fencing, ... More

LAST CHANCE: Compass Quads Chess Tournament (5/30)

Last call for chess players! The 7th annual Compass Quads Chess Tournament will be held next week on Thursday, May 30 from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm! The tournament will be held "en plein air," outdoors under the spacious picnic shelter at Nottoway Park in Vienna. The tournament will take place right before the End-of-Year Family Picnic and Field ... More

Remember: Early Registration for Fall Classes Opens Tomorrow (May 21)!

Remember! Early registration for begins tomorrow morning on Tuesday, May 21 at 6:00 am. A 10% early registration discount is offered through June 15. But don’t wait, some popular classes fill up quickly! New families are welcome to enroll.Compass is celebrating the start of its 8th year in 2018-19, and we are continuing to innovate and ... More