Compass Teacher Portal

New! Now Compass Instructors can have more immediate access to their data.

Look at the new My Rosters page to:

  • View your student rosters
  • Track which students have paid their supply fees

Coming Soon Teacher Portal Features include:

  • easily view your class descriptions
  • let us know what other features would be helpful!


How do I log in and print my class rosters?

Log in, then choose My Rosters from the navigation menu that appears under your name. You should see a list of all of your classes, and you can filter them by year, quarter, and day of week. You can choose which columns to include and print your rosters, or export them in a comma-separated file that can be read by Excel or any other spreadsheet editor. The video below shows some other details about the features of the My Rosters page.

One of my classes is missing from my class list. What should I do?

Contact and let us know which class you do not see. We will make sure it is added to your My Rosters view.

How do I keep track of who has paid supply fees?

Click on the “Record Payment” button for each student that has paid you, and enter the date, amount and type of payment. When you are done, click “Save Changes” either at the top right or bottom of the page.

If you need to change a recorded payment, you can click on the green check box and then click “Clear Payment”, and update the details again later.