American History Alive! Returns to Compass this Fall

Come face-to-face with famous Americans of the 1700s! Meet Thomas, Jefferson, John Adams, Martha Washington, Patrick Henry, and more!Don't miss this one-of-a-kind program to bring American history alive for your family! The American History Alive series is a one-of-a-kind, weekly rendez-vous with key figures in American History. These ... More

After School Classes at Compass this Fall

NEW! This fall Compass is offering several after school classes for our friends who are heading to school. After school classes are all taught by the same great Compass teachers we enjoy during the day. If your children will be homeschooled next year, check out the extensive line up of daytime classes, and please share the after school ... More

Compass Has High School Lab Science Classes!

Most colleges expect applicants to have at least 2-3 years of high school science with laboratory work (3-4 years if your teen is considering a STEM major or a highly competitive college.) Colleges also want to see science work that is more rigorous than vinaegar-and-baking-soda in the kitchen or an experiment observed via video. Colleges ... More

Featured Class: Stage Combat

Superhero Sagas, Star Wars, Shakespeare…. great stories on stage and screen have great fight scenes! Stage Combat is the art of creating and choreographing realistic-appearing fight scenes for plays and films.Stage Combat returns to Compass this fall under the direction of Mallory Shear. Ms Shear is an experienced actor, fight direct... More

Featured Class: Skills for School- High School and Beyond

Quizzes, tests, homework, projects, reports, teams, clubs, jobs, internships, volunteer work, applications, life decisions… arghhh! The demands of high school can be overwhelming or downright intimidating to most teens, even those who are homeschooled! And guess what? That variety of new responsibilities and expectations doesn’t go away. ... More

All New: Bridge-to-School Drop-Off Camps for 5s and 6s

Can your child sit in a circle for storytime? Line up for lunch? Take turns talking to the teacher?If your child missed a year of preschool, pre-K, kindergarten, or has just had a long, unstructured summer, consider giving him or her a head start with a Bridge to School program.This half-day, drop-off program is for 5- and 6-year-o... More

The Science Place Summer Camps Meet at Compass! Register Now

The Science Place is holding in-person, hands-on summer science camps at Compass's location in Herndon! Spaces are still available in these immersive, interactive programs for scientists of all ages. Choose from full-day or flexible half-day programs (2, 3, or 5 days, AM or PM). Programs consist of structured time and guided exploration in ... More

New Members Invited: Alpha Rho Chapter of the Homeschool National Honor Society!

Homeschooled teens are invited to submit applications for Alpha Rho this summer in preparation for the coming school year. The group meets one Friday afternoon per month from 3:00 pm- 4:15 pm at Compass, starting in September.What does Alpha Rho do? Welcomes speakers on relevant teen topics- academics, career/college prep, personal ... More

Civil Air Patrol: Knight Composite Squadron Now Meets at Compass

Compass has partnered with the William P. Knight Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). CAP now meets at Compass each week. Homeschooled teens can take advantage of this valuable extracurricular opportunity right here at Compass, at their own "school."About Civil Air Patrol serves the community through education, service, and ... More

LAST CHANCE! Discount on Fall Compass Classes Ends Tomorrow, 6/18

Remember...the 10% Early Registration Discount on Compass fall classes ends at midnight tomorrow, June 18. Don’t wait because 25 classes are full, and 33 more have only 1-2 spaces remaining.Discover our a-la-carte menu of core, enrichment, and elective classes in math, science, coding, robotics, technology, history, humanities, civics, ... More