Grenier, Nick


Nick Grenier is the naturalist who will be leading the Compass Nature Quest classes. Nick has been the head facilitator in the popular area Ancestral Knowledge classes since 2011. Nick’s appreciation of nature began when he attended a Waldorf-inspired elementary school and grew up in a nature-centered community. After high school, Nick further developed his outdoor and survivalist skills at Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School in New Jersey which is taught by one of America’s foremost experts in wilderness survival. At Tracker School, Nick took courses in shelter building, scouting, baiting, hunting, edible plants, and wilderness medicine. Nick also took courses at the Wilderness Awareness School. He has combined all of the outdoor skills and adventures that he loves into practical, hands-on workshops and classes for children that emphasize becoming comfortable with things they encounter outdoors, observing and appreciating discoveries in nature, safe exploration of the woods, and how to be a good steward of nature.