Greenberg, Daniel


Daniel Greenberg has been playing drums since 1992. His early musical influences ranged from hard rock (Metallica, Rush, Led Zeppelin) to the sounds of Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Dave Matthews, and reggae and jazz. In 1996 Daniel joined the NOVA Jazz Ensemble of NVCC where he honed skills in “underplay” and the use of dynamics. After playing jazz for the next few years, he began to broaden his interest in the different percussion instruments such as congas, djembe, cowbell, timbales. Later Daniel began to study Afro-Cuban percussion and its modern form, the Cuban Son (Salsa). After performing in several local bands, in 2006, Daniel turned his attention to teaching. His work ranges from drumming programs in elementary schools and camps to working with young musicians who are trying to start a band. He leads drum circle parties, performs as half of a duo with a guitarist, and plays with the Music Ministry at St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Sterling.