Take Homeschool Swimming Lessons this Fall

For fun or fitness, swimming is also an fundamental safety skill. Homeschooled children can take swimming lessons this fall to gain confidence and comfort in the water or build their pool prowess. Compass has a partnership with the Reston YMCA to offer weekday morning homeschool swim lessons.

The YMCA is a clean, bright modern facility with a 6-lane, 25 yard pool, located just 0.9 miles (3 minutes) from Compass on Sunset Hills Road. Lessons are offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Class sizes are small with just 3-5 children per certified, YMCA instructor. Lessons are 40 minutes long to allow students to dry off, change clothes, and return to the Compass learning center for additional classes.

Several levels of swimming lessons are offered: Young Beginners (PreK-K), Beginners (1st-3rd grade or 4th – 6th grade), Advanced Beginners (1st-3rd or 4th-6th), and Intermediate (2nd-6th). Contact Compass if you have an older child or more advanced swimmer who would like lessons, and we will see if there is enough interest for additional levels. Registration is through Compass.