Parents at Compass

  • “I can’t just sit here all day.”
  • “I need to take an important client call.”
  • “I live too far away to go back home.”

Homeschool parents are- and have to be- multi-taskers. Compass has several solutions for parents who need to still get things done during the day while their children take classes.

Co-Working Offices

New this Fall! As part of Compass’s summer expansion, we now have 5 co-working offices. Parents can rent these private offices in 1-hour blocks for a nominal fee and finally get some work done while they wait for children. All offices are appointed with two 5′ cherry work tables, an adjustable desk chair, two side chairs, small white board, and small lamp. Parents may rent these offices for $20 per hour for their own work, phone calls, virtual meetings, or to have some dedicated quiet time to work with their child. Read more about reserving and renting the co-working offices online.

YMCA Day Passes

For those whose children are old enough for the parent to leave the campus (ages 8+), Compass has a partnership with the YMCA located 0.9 miles away. The YMCA offers a $10.00 Compass Family Day Pass (regularly $30.00) which allows them to use the fitness center, exercise equipment, indoor sports courts, sauna, or lap pool. Younger children may go to the YMCA-staffed Childwatch center for up to 2 hours between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 pm while a parent works out. Passes can be purchased at the YMCA front desk. For photos of the YMCA, see the Compass Swimming webpage.


For families who are not from Reston/Herndon, but need to spend the day in the area during Compass classes, every type of store, bank, and service is nearby. Many parents frequent the nearby Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Wegmans, MOMs Market, Target, and more. Check out a partial list of area stores, restaurants, and nearby activities.

Remaining at Compass

Compass parents are always welcome to remain on campus where they can enjoy community, camaraderie, and networking. Many parents wait on comfortable leather sofas, upholstered seating, and club chairs in our waiting areas. Others sit at cafe tables and workstations in our four Commons areas where they can eat, chat, or work with their children on schoolwork. Complimentary coffee and tea are available for Compass parents, and WiFi is available in all suites.

Please review the Compass Family Handbook for the rule about parents (or other supervising grown-ups) of children under age 8 remaining at Compass while their kids are in class, or under age 13 when the child is not in class.