Oh the Drama! Winter Acting Classes at Compass

A little drama in your homeschooling can be good! Compass acting classes give kids and teens a supportive, collaborative peer group and a fun, low-pressure place to practice presentation skills and exercise their creativity. Everyone has a part, and everyone has fun!

  • Young Actor’s Playhouse: Arctic Adventure* (1st-2nd grade, Tue)
  • Young Actor’s Playhouse: Outrageous Outer Space* (1st-2nd grade, Thu) FULL
  • Kids’ Theater: Super Duper New Superheroes* (3rd-5th grade, Tue)
  • Kids’ Theater: Time Travel Tale* (3rd-5th grade, Thu) FULL
  • Detective Drama: Mystery at the Fair (4th-6th grade, Wed) FULL
  • Tweens Acting Out: Whodunnit?* (6th-8th grade, Tue)
  • Tween Stage: Everyone Gets Eaten by Sharks (6th-8th grade, Thu) FULL
  • Teen Scene- Folklore & Fairytales Reimagined (9th-12th grade, Fri)
  • Mystery Matinee: The Last Will of Hunter Bentley (9th-12th grade, Fri)

Some acting classes use prepared scripts, but most (*) use a guided, write-your-own script process where every student has a say in their character, the plot, the setting, the twist, and the ending!

For teens who wish to explore another aspect of theater, consider Technical Theater: Set Design & Fabrication on Mondays (9th-12th grade) in which students work together to create props and scenery for a live, spring dance performance in a special community partnership with Alchemy Dance Academy in Herndon.

Acting and Technical Theater classes begin next week, January 15-19. Register online.