Last Chance! Compass June Workshops Start Next Week

If your summer is not yet in full swing, but the kids need a little something to keep them engaged, Compass has exciting, experiential half-day workshops during the next 2 weeks. Most workshops are just 2, 3, and 4 half-days long. Current, future, and former Compass students, and their friends and family from other school settings are welcome. The 10% registration discount has been extended for all June workshops!

Register for Summer Workshops Online HERE.

Spaces are available in students’ favorites such as:

Week of June 10-14:

  • Art in Action: Paris and The Louvre (T, Th- AM) 3rd-6th
  • Battle Strategies & Dioramas: WWII D-Day Pointe Du Hoc and Army Rangers (M, T, W, Th- AM) 5th-8th
  • Beginner ‘Bots: Medieval Marvels (M, T- AM) 2nd-3rd
  • Biology Lab Summer Boot Camp (M, T, W, Th, F- AM) 9th-12th
  • Chemistry Lab Summer Boot Camp (M, T, W, Th, F- PM) 9th-12th
  • College Cooking 101: Microwave Menus (W, Th- AM) 9th-adult
  • Cooking: Food Truck Favorites (M, T) AM: 6th-8th; PM: 3rd-5th
  • Cooking: Kitchen Ninja Knife Skills (W- PM) 5th-8th
  • Cosplay Closet: Cloaks & Capes (T,W, Th- PM) 9th-12th
  • Creative Crafters Camp (T, W, Th- AM) 2nd-5th
  • Dynamic Dioramas: Biomes Builders- Wetlands/Swamps (M, T, W, Th- PM) 2nd-4th
  • First Aid & CPR for Teens- with Certifications (M, T- AM) 9th- adult ..1 space remaining
  • Nature Quest- Summer Adventurers (M, T, W, Th- AM) 1st-3rd
  • Jr. Engineering with LEGO: Marine Machines (W, Th- AM) K-2nd
  • Junior Art Studio: Multi-Media Extravaganza (T, Th- AM) K-2nd
  • Outdoor Survivor (M, T, W, Th- PM) 4th-6th
  • Robot Fab Lab: Soccer Bot Showdown (M, T, W, Th- PM) 4th-6th

Week of June 17-20:

  • See complete list of 13 more workshops online!

Note: AM (morning) classes begin at 9:00 am or 10:00 am. PM (afternoon) classes begin at 12:00 pm- 1:00 pm. See specific class days and times on the website.