Compass Fall Class Schedule is Posted! Early Registration Opens May 16

Great news! The Compass Schedule of Fall Classes is now complete! Early Registration begins next week on Tuesday, May 16 at 6:00 am. A 10% discount is offered through June 30. Registration includes 1st quarter classes (7 weeks), 1st semester high school classes (13-14 weeks), and year-long high school classes (30 weeks). Classes begin September 5, 2023.

Join Compass for our 12th year! We are continuing to innovate and create more opportunities. New families are welcome to enroll. More than 200 classes are offered a-la-carte for homeschooled students in PreK – 12th grade, in math, science, engineering, technology, history, humanities, civics, writing, English, Latin, French, Spanish, Mandarin, ASL, art, music, drama, cooking, chess, fitness, fencing, career exploration and more! Be sure to check all five days of Compass’s Monday – Friday schedule.

What’s New Next Year?

Partial List of All-New Classes:

  • Breakfast Table: Daybreak Dishes
  • Comparative World Religions
  • Comprehension Connections: Critical Thinking Through Short Stories
  • Creating and Curating a Personal, Digital Portfolio **Online**
  • Creative Journaling
  • Detective Drama: The Case of the Missing Crown
  • Drawing for Fun: Comic Art & Characters
  • Dynamic Dioramas: Biome Builders- Tropics (The Rainforest)
  • Fashionable Foundations: Historical Corsets – 18th Century
  • FUNctional Fitness and Cross-Training (PE)
  • Game Maker: Board Game Design
  • Geography through Games- Early Civilizations
  • Global Gourmet: Italian Cooking
  • History of Rock-N-Roll: The British Invasion
  • Jiu Jitsu Fit
  • Kinder Kitchen: Fun Foods
  • Latin I
  • Marvelous Myths and Mythical Marvels: Ancient Egypt
  • Physical Science
  • Practical Math for Real Life
  • Rhetoric and Reasoning through Written Works: A Course in Critical Thinking
  • Road to the White House: Presidential Reflections
  • Take Flight! Elements of Aeronautical Engineering
  • Take Flight! Fundamentals of Aviation & Aircraft
  • The Art of Storytelling: A Creative Writing Workshop
  • Vet ‘Ventures: Cat (Feline) Doctor
  • Zen Teens

Special Programs:

  • Lunch-N-Learn…Register online for supervised lunch hour/study hall (ages 8-12)
  • Private Music Lessons…Register online for your block of private1st quarter music lessons in voice, piano, ukulele, clarinet, flute, guitar, drums,
  • Compass Kindergarten…Choose Mon, Wed, or Fri for 3-hour “taste of kindergarten” program
  • Eureka Math: A Complete Curriculum…complete math program for 4th or 5th grade, 2 class days per week.
  • Reading Rally: A Complete Language Arts…5 levels offered, complete language arts curriculum
  • Pre-College Art Portfolio Studio- Drawing and Oil Painting…for high school juniors, seniors wanting to create their college art portfolio.
  • Characters Club…afterschool club with dress-up, music, and dance games for 1st-4th grade
  • Extra, Extra! Non Fiction News-Writing…student newspaper program guided by an adviser
  • Homeschool String Ensemble…small group ensemble for violin, viola, cello, and bass, grades 4-8
  • Ballet Fun/ Ballet Foundations: Peter & the Wolf…2 levels of homeschool ballet. Partnership with Alchemy Ballet Studio (0.3 miles from Compass)
  • Homeschool Swimming…5 levels, 2 days per week. Partnership with Reston YMCA (0.9 miles from Compass)

Also, ask us about Private Lessons and Individual Instruction that you can schedule before, after, and between classes in math, reading, writing, science, foreign languages, chess, and more.

Three High School Information Sessions are scheduled before registration opens. Watch for additional, all-aged upcoming Open Houses. See the Compass website for more information on community events, special programs, extracurricular clubs, homeschool resources, and more. Review our Family Handbook online for questions on registration, age/grade placement, refunds, and more. Contact us with any questions!