Homework and Testing Policies: David Chelf

The following additional information on homework, testing, late submissions, and make-ups apply to the mathematics courses taught by David Chelf:

Homework & Test Policy: Homework problems are assigned from the odd-numbered problems in the exercises found at the end of lessons/chapters in the textbook, for which the answers can be found in the back of the book. This is done so that students can check their own work to see if it is correct, and doing so is a vital component of this course.

If a student finds that they did a problem incorrectly, then they should consult their notes (note-taking is another expectation of the course). Examples of every type of problem that will be assigned are completed during class, with full detail and a discussion of common mistakes and how to avoid them, so that students should have a sort of “guidebook” to their homework contained within their notes (as well as within their textbook).

If a student is unable to identify their error, they should ask about the problem during class, and it will be discussed and worked out in detail in class. The instructor, of course, welcomes and encourages questions, as they are crucial to learning, but it is equally important that students also practice the habits of note-taking and studying, as well as checking and correcting their own work (insofar as they are able), if they are to succeed in this class and more broadly, in their study of mathematics.

Tests are only assigned once all the sections of the chapter and the respective homework assignments have been assigned and completed. Tests are also assigned from the text and are generally assigned from the odd-numbered problems as well. Students are expected to show their work and clearly identify their answers.

Homework grades are assigned purely on the basis of whether or not the work was completed, and points are deducted if portions of the homework are not attempted. Test grades are based on correctness of answers and correctness of work.

Due Dates & Late Work: Timely submission of homework and tests is critical so students can receive feedback and clarification before progressing to new material. Scores on both homework and tests will be reduced by a penalty if submitted late. For every day late the assignment is, 10% will be deducted from the grade, for up to five days. After five days, the assignment will no longer be accepted.

<li>1 day late:   -10% (maximum grade for assignment/test is 90%)</li>
<li>2 days late:  -20% (maximum grade for assignment/test is 80%)</li>
<li>3 days late:  -30% (maximum grade for assignment/test is 70%)</li>
<li>4 days late:  -40% (maximum grade for assignment/test is 60%)</li>
<li>5 days late:  -50% (maximum grade for assignment/test is 50%)</li>

<li>>5 days late: 0%</li>

Make-up Tests & Homework: Students who have submitted a test or homework and are unsatisfied with their grade may redo the work and submit corrections along with the original assignment. They can earn 75% credit back toward their grade for everything corrected (you can raise your grade by up to 75% of what you originally missed). This policy does not extend to previously un-submitted work.