Outdoor Survivor Summer Camp (PM, 5-Day)


Venture outdoors each day to explore the woods with a senior naturalist and mentor while learning valuable survival skills. Students will learn how to construct a temporary debris shelter, make cordage, identify edibles, track animals, purify water, perform basic first aid, and use maps and compass (orienteering). Students will get to know native animals and key types of plants and trees in our area. Emphasis will be on becoming comfortable with things you encounter outdoors, safe exploration of the woods, how to be a good steward of nature, and what to do if you ever became lost or injured in the woods. The group will also take daily hikes and play games in the woods. Students will have a blast, develop greater self-confidence, and build a strong connection to nature and to the real world! Explorations in the woods are for enrolled students only, and tag-along parents and siblings cannot be accommodated. For information on where the class meets, what to wear, and inclement weather, see the webpage for Compass's Nature Quest program.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.