Mosaic Masterpieces Open Studio (Q1, Afterschool)


Mosaics is run as a studio art class where students create unique compositions and work at their own pace under the guidance of an experienced mosaic artist. Each quarter, students are taught new design, cutting, layout, and finishing techniques and are introduced to new mosaic materials which they can incorporate into inspired, original pieces. Throughout the quarter, the instructor will suggest possible themes for projects based on the featured materials, but students are always welcome to pursue a different direction.

Students who are new to mosaics will complete a quick checkerboard project (complete with wooden checkers) to teach pattern, layout, and lines before starting an individual projects. For each project, students will be able to choose from a variety of substrates- rectangular, square, shaped, or circular backboards (typically first-year students), or special forms or 3D objects (experienced students). Each project will expand a student's understanding of color, pattern, rhythm, texture, and spacing as they complete rich, dimensioned compositions. Students will be able to incorporate other glass, ceramic, and porcelain tiles into their projects and may select feature elements such as beautiful glass gems, millefiori, sliced stone, metallic ornaments, mirrored bits, or shells, to serve as focal points in their mosaic piece. The mosaic can be monochromatic, complimentary, or contrasting colors. A broad pallet of colors is always available, and new colors are added each quarter to reflect the season.

Students will develop a skillset for mosaic artistry over multiple quarters or years. As each student demonstrates mastery of basic skills, safety, and artistic expression, that student will be taught advanced techniques, materials, tools, composition, and color theory. A typical progression in mosaics is:

-Flat, rectangular substrate, whole tiles, symmetric design, proper spacing and adhesion

-Flat, circular substrate, tile cutting with nippers, themed design and color choice

-Flat or curved substrate, cutting sheet glass with pistol grip, breaking pliers, and running pliers, composition and color design

-3D substrate, adhesion substances, and techniques

-Porcelain and ceramic cutting, special application, advanced design

There is no prerequisite for this class. The number of projects completed each quarter depends on the student's work speed and attendance in class. Parents are welcome to register for the class to work alongside their child, or to work on their own, while their child is in another Compass class.

Materials Fee: Materials used vary depending on a student's experience with mosaic. Beginner Material Fee: $40.00 for a selection of Beginner Materials, including: vitreous glass, ceramic, mini, eco recycled glass, beach glass, glitter glass, glass gems, ceramic pebble, shells, metallic crystal, subway glass; Adhesive: weld bond; Grout: bone or charcoal color; Cutters: wheeled tile nippers; Substrate: 2D/Flat 12" x 12",10" x 10", 8" X 8", 4" X 4", framed mirrors, ornament shapes. Advanced Material Fee: $50.00 for a selection of Advanced Materials including: All Beginner Materials plus, iridized glass, cathedral sheet glass, opaque sheet glass, color fusion, millefiori, Van Gogh glass, natural stone and minerals, special effects glass, water glass, colored mirror, illumination glass, china plates, rhinestone, ball chain; Adhesives: weld bond, thin-set mortar, silicone; Grout: Custom colors (purple, rose, green, blue, earth, orange); Cutters: wheeled tile nippers, porcelain hand tool, hand file, pistol grip, beetle bits cutting system; Substrates: All flat shapes plus, 3D forms (egg, sphere, cone, pyramid etc),cut out sentiments, trays, glass bottle, mini sleds, flower pot, picture frame, sun catcher. Additional Fee: Tesserae by request and consultation with instructor: mother of pearl, 24 kt gold tiles (market rate), specially cut substrate. All material fees are due payable to the instructor on the first day of class by cash, check or electronic payment.

What to Bring: In-progress project must be brought back to studio each week.

Price: $163.00 + $6.00 Admin Fee

Start Time: 4:30 pm
End Time: 6:00 pm

Start Date: October 4, 2021
End Date: November 15, 2021

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