Aquatic Biology: Roparian Biomes- Rivers and Streams


More than 70% of the Earth s surface is water! Understanding the earth s oceans and freshwater systems is critical to understanding life on our planet- from beginnings in the seas to the water cycle that supports ongoing life. The study of aquatic and marine biology provides a basis for understanding much of the chemistry, physics, biology, and meteorology on our planet. Budding marine biologists will travel inland to learn about freshwater systems like lakes and ponds, rivers and streams before returning to the coast to study marshes and estuaries followed by extreme marine environments- all under the guidance of an experienced marine biologist. The focus will be on hands-on, dynamic learning, and students will engage in several demonstrations and experiments in each class.

During Quarter 2, students will learn the basics of Riparian Biology, the study of aquatic life in rivers and streams. We ll discuss differences in water flow, sedimentation, and hydrodynamics that are used to classify riparian habitats and will learn about the characteristic assemblages of organisms that occur in different flow regimes. Students will compare various major river systems around the world and study the diversity of riverine biomes and organisms.

Topics in this Series: Lakes & Ponds (Quarter 1); Roparian Biomes- Rivers and Streams (Quarter 2); Marshes and Estuaries, Where the River Meets the Sea (Quarter 3); and Extreme Marine (Quarter 4). Lab/Supply Fee: A class fee of $10.00 is due payable to the instructor on the first day of class.

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