Band-Ready: Woodwinds Spring Clinic


Would your child enjoy the camaraderie and cooperation of making music with others in a school band? Starting in the fall of 2024, Compass will introduce the first homeschool concert band in the region under an experienced band director . The spring clinic is an 8-week introduction to a specific instrument so students can be comfortable and confident with their instrument choices and get a taste of group music instruction before committing to a semester of band.

Students in the Woodwinds Clinic will learn to play the flute or clarinet (4th-8th grade) or alto saxophone (7th-8th grade only). They will learn how to hold their instruments with proper posture and hand position and correct embouchure (mouth position and blowing technique) for the instrument. Students will receive instruction on the parts of their instruments and how to safely, correctly, and independently assemble and clean them. Students will learn the fundamentals of music reading, and the group will practice short songs in Concert B-flat and Concert E-flat major (and their relative minors). Students will practice audiation skills by singing, moving, and playing woodwind instruments and will play both cooperatively in small ensembles and independently.

Students will need to rent or purchase an instrument and accessories for the spring clinic. See the attached list by instrument. Mark your calendar for an Instrument Test Drive event on Tuesday, February 21, from 1:00 pm- 3:00 pm at Compass. Representatives from a local store, Music & Arts, will be on hand with instruments for students to try. They will explain rental and purchase options to parents and will sell some of the supplies that students will need for the spring clinic and the homeschool concert band. Students who enrolled in one clinic (percussion, woodwinds, or brass) during early registration may switch clinics if they change their minds about their preferred instrument after the test drive event.

Participation in a spring clinic is neither a prerequisite nor a commitment for the fall concert band. Students will have an additional opportunity to improve their comfort level and proficiency on their instruments at the one-week Dulles Summer Band Clinic that will be held at Compass the week of July 29.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.