Crazy 8s Junior Math Club

Crazy 8s Junior Math Club is a parent-facilitated club for students in 2nd-5th grade who enjoy active, hands-on learning and games. The group meets every Wednesday afternoon from 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm at Compass.

Crazy 8s is national recreational math program that offers “unique, high-energy math activities that appeal to kids of all math abilities.” Activities such as “Bouncy Dice Explosion” and “Spy Training” are designed to be fun and interactive with math concepts interspersed. The program materials are furnished in 8-week units by Bedtime Math Foundation. The Compass club will complete the first 8-week unit in Quarters 1 and 2, the second unit in Quarter 3, and the third unit in Quarter 4. The club will fill in extra weeks with other math fun and games.

Participants are asked to sign-up for The Crazy 8s Junior Math Club on the Compass Activities Page. Compass and non-Compass students are invited to join at no cost, but there is a 16-member cap on the club. There is no cost to join, but students are asked to commit for at least the 8-week unit.