Featured Classes

Featured Class: Prequel & Sequel Fiction Writing

Tweens and teens love prequels and sequels! Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Jumanji: The Next Level Wonder Woman 1984 Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian Sometimes we love a character or story so much that we want it to keep going! Other times, we may want to explore the beginning, the back story, the ancestors, or childhood ... More

Ups and Downs? Compass Can Help You Get Homeschooling Back on Track!

Experiencing some ups and downs in homeschooling this year? Hit a mid-year hump? Compass has some options to help your family get “back on track!” Muddled Mathematics? Enroll in MATH LAB, a tutoring center for weekly help on math homework. Support offered for middle school math through Algebra I. Two sessions: Wednesdays at 3:00 pm or ... More

Hola! Do You Need a Spanish II Course this Year?

Trying to learn a high school Spanish? You can’t talk to your online computer program, textbook, or app! You need real people to practice speaking and interacting with! Compass has a Spanish II class this fall! This full-year course is conducted primarily in Spanish and with a focus on listening and speaking skills, asking and answering ... More

We Teach Math So You Don’t Have To!

Don’t remember parabolas and polynomials? Mean. Median. Matrix. Multiplicative Inverse…Help! Don’t let middle school and high school math scare you! If your tween or teen thrives with a live teacher, face-to-face explanations, and in-person classmates to collaborate with, we have homeschool math classes for you! Compass has full ... More

All New Bio-Chem Learning Labs for 2019-20

There is some science you just can’t do at home! If you don’t have a spectrometer or spring scales in your kitchen, you may need to do homeschool science somewhere else! Compass offers a unique opportunity for students to conduct biology, chemistry, and environmental science experiments in a university laboratory setting! Bio-Chem ... More

Does Your Child Struggle to Remember Math Facts?

Does your child struggle to remember his basic math facts? Does she make errors on simple problems because she doesn’t remember math rules? All math down the road will be more difficult for a child who has not learned the facts! Forgo the fight over multi-digit multiplication, long division, decimals, fractions, pre-algebra and beyond when ... More

Featured Class: Programming Labs

Learn to code in one of Compass’s Programming Labs this spring! Today’s kids need to be fluent in the language of computers to be successful! Programming Lab is a computer lab learning environment in which students work through skill-building activities and instructional modules at their own rate of learning under the guidance of a ... More

Featured Class: Spring Dissection Lab

Dissections: The science skill that kids enjoy and the thing you may not want to do at home! Middle school students will investigate the comparative anatomy of a variety of organisms through in-class dissections. Students will complete individual and group dissections of organisms from a range of phyla including a sponge, hydra, grassho... More

Featured: Engineering Classes for Kids

Compass has engineering classes for kids who like to take apart and build things back! Kids are natural engineers! Who doesn’t like to imagine, sketch, cut, tape, glue, fasten, form, shape, mold, stack, link, and construct only to measure, test, bend, break, throw, twist, fly, stretch, squash, and then build it all over again? Kids will ... More

Featured Class: Your Future World- Spotlight on the Top Nations of 2050

This isn’t your ordinary geography class! No maps or mountain ranges to memorize here! In Your Future World, high school students will explore the physical and human geography of the dozen nations forecasted to be the world's most populous and influential in 2050. Each week, students will perform a country-specific case study to uncover ... More