Featured Classes

Summer Spotlight: NEW! Masterworks: Literature Roundtable

Announcing a BRAND NEW class for 2018-19... Masterworks: Literature Roundtable Masterworks is a collegiate-level literature analysis and discussion class for advanced high school English students. Students will read and discuss influential works that contributed to world literature and society with "best-of" selections from the ancien... More

When Parents Don’t Remember Parabolas and Polynomials!

Mean. Median. Matrix. Multiplicative Inverse! Don’t let upper-level math scare you into sending your teen to public school! Compass has great options for math classes so you can keep homeschooling, and we can help with the hard stuff! Compass has full year courses in: Pre-Algebra Algebra I Geometry These small group ... More

Summer Spotlight: The Stock Market Challenge

How is your teen earning his/her high school credit in personal finance? Check out Compass's fall class, "Stock Market Challenge: Intro to Finance." This class is built around the Stock Market Game where student teams will compete to earn the highest returns on their (imaginary) money! Teens will learn about stocks, bonds, shorts, margins, ... More

Summer Spotlight: Environmental Science Class

A critical water shortage in Cape Town. Catastrophic flash floods in Colombia. Widespread wild fires in California. Want to understand these phenomena while learning about water quality, air pollution, and renewal energy sources? Take Environmental Science next year at Compass! Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary study ... More

2 New Classes for Minecrafters at Compass this Spring!

Compass has two spring classes for Minecraft enthusiasts! If your child lives or thinks in the virtual world of blocks of stone, ore, water, or lava; explores online biomes and terrains; and escapes computer mobs and zombies, then these classes are for you! These 8-week classes begin Wednesday, April 4, at Compass in Oakton. Register for ... More

Meet Famous Americans of the 20th Century!

The spring 2018 American History Alive line-up is announced! Come face-to-face with famous Americans in American History Alive: The New Century! Meet influential Americans who helped change the 20th century. Find out the secrets to Amelia Earhart’s famous flights and serve in the press corps to interview General Dwight D. Eisenhower ... More

Featured Class: Drawing for Teens (Starts March 23)

Learn to draw spectacular and dramatic landscapes using our National Parks for inspiration. Subjects will include rock formations, plateaus, mountain ranges, waterfalls, and canyons. Teen artists will learn how to capture the drama of a panoramic settings using the drawing techniques of perspective, vanishing point, and scale. Fundamentals ... More

Puppet Theater Class Begins this Wed. Jan 17

Hand puppets. Mouth puppets. Stick puppets. Even shadow puppets and giant Bunraku puppets. Young homeschoolers will learn all about puppet theater from a professional, working master puppeteer! Acting FUNdamentals: Puppet Theater begins this Wednesday, January 17, at Compass at 12:00 pm. In this 7-week program, young puppeteers will work ... More

Announcing American History Alive! The Civil War and Beyond

Come face-to-face with famous Americans in American History Alive: The Civil War and Beyond!  Meet influential men and women who helped shape the 19th century. Recount tales of opposing sides of the Civil War with General Grant and Lt. General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. Learn about the struggle to keep the Union together from Abraham ... More

Featured Class: Jr. Chemist- Chemistry in the Kitchen

Check out this fun, new science class for students in 3rd-5th grade! Find out just how (and why) seaweed is used as an ingredient in gummy bears! Young scientists will learn about chemistry using everyday ingredients and techniques from the kitchen! Students will use food products to experiment with the chemical and physical properties of ... More