Featured Classes

Featured Class: Programming Labs

Learn to code in one of Compass’s Programming Labs this spring!Today’s kids need to be fluent in the language of computers to be successful! Programming Lab is a computer lab learning environment in which students work through skill-building activities and instructional modules at their own rate of learning under the guidance of a ... More

Featured Class: Spring Dissection Lab

Dissections: The science skill that kids enjoy and the thing you may not want to do at home!Middle school students will investigate the comparative anatomy of a variety of organisms through in-class dissections. Students will complete individual and group dissections of organisms from a range of phyla including a sponge, hydra, grassho... More

Featured: Engineering Classes for Kids

Compass has engineering classes for kids who like to take apart and build things back!Kids are natural engineers! Who doesn’t like to imagine, sketch, cut, tape, glue, fasten, form, shape, mold, stack, link, and construct only to measure, test, bend, break, throw, twist, fly, stretch, squash, and then build it all over again? Kids will ... More

Featured Class: Your Future World- Spotlight on the Top Nations of 2050

This isn’t your ordinary geography class! No maps or mountain ranges to memorize here! In Your Future World, high school students will explore the physical and human geography of the dozen nations forecasted to be the world's most populous and influential in 2050.Each week, students will perform a country-specific case study to uncover ... More

Join the Gang for “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown!”

Charlie: “Snoopy! Do you see this stick? I, the human being, will throw the stick and you, the dog, will retrieve it.” Snoopy: “I, the dog, could not be less interested.” Charlie: “Good grief!”Join the cast as Charlie, Lucy, Linus, Sally, Marcie, Schroeder, Snoopy, and other pals in the hilarious, classic adventures of the ... More

Featured Class: Physics Phenomena Offered as Lab-Only or Full Course/Honors

Test a transformer. Make a microphone. Fabricate a photovoltaic cell. Operate an oscilloscope. Create illusions with lenses. Physics phenomena are found everywhere! High school students will explore these everyday occurrences in a semester-long, hands-on, lab-based physics program. Discover heat, temperature, sound, waves, light, optics, ... More

Mission Possible Returns to Compass this January!

One day your greatest responsibility is feeding the family dog. The next day, the fate of a new nation is in your hands!This is Mission Possible! You and a small team of classmates will be challenged to run a new nation: making decisions on its economy, technology, agriculture, education, welfare, education, natural resources, leadersh... More

New Junior Art Studio Class Opened!

Compass has great news! We are going to open a new section of Junior Art Studio with Miss Kerry! Her 11:00am class has been so popular that a lot of kiddos have been wait-listed and missed out on taking art. We have had a change in room assignments and can now invite her to teach a second class at 10:00am.Our Junior Artists work with a ... More

Don’t Wait! Mandarin Chinese Classes Beginning at Compass

More than 1 Billion People Speak Mandarin Chinese, Shouldn’t You?Compass offers Beginner and Advanced Beginner classes in Mandarin Chinese for homeschooled kids. Classes are held on Wednesdays, and the next session starts October 31!Kids have fun with Chinese! Studies show that it is no more difficult to learn than any other ... More

Summer Spotlight: NEW! Masterworks: Literature Roundtable

Announcing a BRAND NEW class for 2018-19...Masterworks: Literature RoundtableMasterworks is a collegiate-level literature analysis and discussion class for advanced high school English students. Students will read and discuss influential works that contributed to world literature and society with "best-of" selections from the ancien... More