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Registration for winter classes is ongoing! Winter classes (2nd semester/3rd quarter) begin on January 9 and 11, 2019. Registration is a-la-carte, and new families are welcome to enroll. See the 2018-2019 Academic Calendar for class dates. Some classes are year-long (28-30 weeks). Those classes are not open for registration below, however, some have openings, and students may be able to enroll mid-term. Contact Compass to ask about placement and fees.

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Sudhita Kasturi

Conduct biology, chemistry, and environmental science experiments in a university laboratory setting! Use advanced lab equipment, follow college-level lab protocols, and receive instruction from university lab staff. Lab activities are taken from AP curricula and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Bio-Chem Learning Labs is a series of 4 sessions, held off-site at Towson University's Center for STEM Excellence in downtown Baltimore (60 miles from Compass.) This lab series is a complement to and offers further hands-on experience for students taking Integrated Science, Environmental Science, Biology, or Micro-Biology at Compass in 2018-19. Homeschool students following another curriculum, doing self-study, or taking an online class may take this series to add a lab component to their work.

Each session, students will complete a series of lab experiments around a central theme. Tentative activities include: collecting and testing for water quality and salinity; identifying organisms living on a biofilm; categorizing soil types, percolation, and absorption; measuring concentrations of carbon dioxide; evaluating the antimicrobial properties of different plants; and extracting DNA samples from plant and animal sources. Each lab will emphasize the importance of control samples, recording and graphing data, and will demonstrate the process of identifying a problem, scientifically testing a hypothesis, interpreting results of an experiment, and supporting a scientific claim. All labs are 2.5 -3.0 hours long.

Lab dates are held on Tuesdays: February 12, March 12, April 9, and May 14, 2019. Labs begin at 11:30 am, and students are asked to arrive by 11:15 am. Compass science instructor Sudhita Kasturi will remain with the students throughout the labs and will send a post-lab summary to parents. A class roster will be distributed before the first session to allow parents to form carpools. Families will be responsible for any parking fees incurred on site. Note: Registration for the first lab, October 2, has closed, and is not included in this registration. This registration is for labs 2-5.