Compass Homeschool Classes offer homeschool families in northern Virginia and the metro DC area a menu of high quality core topic, extracurricular, and enrichment classes to supplement the academic material taught at home. All classes are taught by qualified outside instructors who are subject matter experts and teach multiple levels of interesting, experiential classes in science, technology, languages, history, art, music, and more. Classes are taught in Oakton in a 4-quarter, 30-week academic year. Most classes meet on Wednesday, and some middle school and high school classes meet on Friday. All classes are offered a la carte by quarter so homeschool families can mix and match for multiple siblings and try a topic without locking into a year-long commitment. Compass classes give students a taste of group learning in a classroom on a campus setting with like-minded homeschooled peers. Compass families also enjoy a warm, welcoming community that enjoys special activities, events, and academic clubs/contests in addition to regularly scheduled classes. Compass classes are organized by homeschool parents for other homeschool families. Compass Homeschool Classes is a secular, inclusive program.

What People Are Saying

  • “My 10-year-old son has been attending Compass Classes on and off for over 2 years now, and I can’t say enough about the quality of classes and instructors Jenny and her crew put together. I like to describe it as a college for kids, where kids are allowed to pursue a variety of interests and subject matter that they won’t get elsewhere – from languages to technology/science classes and computer programming to stage combat. And, the community of parents is welcoming and helpful. Several times these parents have helped me out with wonderful advice when I was in a bind. Overall, a great enriching educational and support network. (A.M. Haymarket)
  • “I’m so very grateful that when Jenny Grove-Bradshaw created Compass Homeschool Enrichment that she not only envisioned great academic classes, but also great events. I love knowing that my kid is not missing out on things like the Science Fair, Valentine’s Day exchange, Chess Tournament and Field Day while we homeschool. I really can’t say enough about how much Wednesdays are a highlight of our week, both for my son and for myself. We’ve forged great friendships, had a great time and learned so very much. I can’t imagine life with Compass. (K.B., Alexandria)
  • “On a personal note, I wanted to thank you for all your work in providing opportunities for the homeschool community. We pulled <child> out of school when he was in kindergarten because the environment was too stimulating. Later we found out that he had issues with sensory processing. For <child> this meant he could not tolerate loud, unexpressed noises such as fire drills, other kids talking at once and clapping. In fact, clapping sent him screaming out of any event or room. There was time we thought he would not be able to participate in a classroom or in any type of group competition. We came to the bee just expecting/hoping that he would just be comfortable enough to participate. Watching him at the bee not only participating but enjoying himself was a very emotional experience for us. The classes and experiences he has had at compass have had a significant impact on his development and growth and we want to thank you for being part of that. (U.U. Herndon)
  • “I think one of the best features of Compass is their short 4 quarter versions, usually something like 7-8 weeks each ‘commitment’. Many places you have to commit for a whole year, some a half a year and be stuck with a teaching method/style, or maybe environment/setting unfavorable to your family/child in fostering their social/emotional/academic growth/self esteem. Compass is so short, that the risk is low. You only pay for 7-8 weeks. You can assess it each week as you go, observe your children and monitor situations. It’s worth the risk to try a class. Many of the classes are very good, some very impressive. You get to experiment and sample. I believe Compass will continue to be successful because of this 7 week marketing niche format.” D. G. (Sterling, VA)


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