Code for a Cause: Technovation Team for Girls

Does your daughter want to make a difference in her world? If so, she should join the Compass Technovation Team for girls! As part of the Technovation Team, girls will work in small groups to identify a problem in the community, propose a technology-based solution, and learn to code a unique mobile app to address the issue.

Imagine a phone app that could quickly reunite lost pets, connect the poor with resources that they need, or report a problem in the community!

Girls will learn to “code for a cause” through their Technovation team. Each year, Technovation teams solve real world problems through the technology they develop! Since 2010, 140,000 girls in 100 countries around the world have developed mobile apps and startups to solve problems around a diverse range of problems, including food waste, nutrition, women’s safety, and much more.

Enroll to participate in the “world’s largest technology entrepreneurship program for girls!” No prior coding experience is needed, but 70% of girls who participate in Technovation will gain the confidence to take more courses in computer science, and 26% go on to eventually major in computer science.

Code for a Cause: Technovation Team is a year-long, 26-week program at Compass for girls in 7th – 12th grades. The group will meet on Fridays from 1:00 pm- 3:00 pm starting September 6. Click here for more program details and to become part of the 2024-25 girls’ Technovation team at Compass!