Student Variety Show

Compass students are invited to showcase their talents in a fun, social, community evening! The annual Art & Variety Show is held winter quarter each year. Students may sign up for a 3-5 minute time slot to sing, dance, perform a comedy skit, act out a dramatic scene, recite a poem or speech, demonstrate a martial art, entertain with mime, magic, juggling, jokes, play an instrument, or more! Students are welcome to act or perform solo or in small groups. The talent show is managed and emceed by selected Compass teens.

The Variety Show is for students who are currently enrolled in Compass classes. A link to sign up for the variety show will be sent to registered winter quarter students in early January. Two dozen student performances can be accommodated for the 2-hour program. Additional information for performers follows:

  • Performance Details
    The variety show is held from 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm on a Tuesday evening in the winter quarter.

    Performers are asked to arrive by 6:40 pm (or by 6:00 pm to enjoy the art exhibits) for the 7:00 pm start of the talent show.

    Individual performances should be 3-5 minutes in length. Performers are welcome to act, play, sing, or dance to more than one selection as long as they can complete all in 3-5 minutes. Group performances can extend to 6 minutes. Students wishing to perform a solo act and as part of a group must sign up for two (2) time slots.

    Musical Accompaniment
    An A/V technician supports the program. If a performer needs musical accompaniment, the recorded music must be provided on a thumb or flash drive. The music is needed one week before the talent show and should be labeled with your child’s name. Cellular phones cannot be connected to the A/V system to access your music the night of the performance. If a performer desires live piano accompaniment, he/she must make arrangements with a pianist. Compass staff can recommend student pianists.

    Stage/Performance Space
    The performances will be in the church sanctuary (upper building). There is a two-tiered performance space. There is a medium sized stage for those with instruments or singing. There is also the floor space immediately in front of the stage for those who require space for more movement (such as dance or gymnastics.)

    Available Instruments/Equipment
    A grand piano, an electric keyboard, and a drum set are available in the space to be used by student musicians. Loose seating and music stands are available. Electrical outlets are located on and near the stage, but amplifiers are not provided. Depending on the type of performance, students will have either a stand, hand-held, or lavalier microphone. The performance will be projected on two large viewing screens to enable the audience to see the performer, but the show will not be recorded. If the performer needs any other equipment, he/she should ask Compass staff to see if other items can be furnished.

    Program Information
    For anyone playing music, singing, or dancing/performing to music, organizers need to know the name and composer/singer of the original piece(s) that will be played. For recitations/poetry, the title and author of the piece(s) are needed. For anyone giving a physical performance (dance, magic, gymnastics, etc), organizers need to know how you would like it described (for example, “ballet” rather than “dance”) and the title/composer of any music that will accompany the performance. If the performance does not fall into one of the above categories, a description is needed so it can be properly attributed. This information will be included in a printed event program and is needed no later than one week before the show.

    Performers will be asked to sit in order near the front of the sanctuary until their performance. Once they have performed, students can return to the audience to sit with their families.