McPhail, Ian


Ian A. McPhail is the Compass student photographer. He has been formally studying photography for several years and has taken coursework in digital photography including a course in Hawaii with renowned fine art photographer Michael Gilbert. Ian specializes in nature photography, but also does a great deal of portraiture incorporating nature and natural components. Through his subject matter and a variety of creative elements including artistic focus, lighting, and composition, he is able to tell a story through his photographs. Ian has been recognized for his work in Great Falls Living Magazine as a past Artist of the Month and has received awards through George Washington University Online High School. Ian has developed a following on social media. He can be contacted, and his work can be viewed through Instragram at Ianmcphailphotography. Ian lives in Great Falls with his family and has been a Compass student since 2012. He is currently accepting clients for photography assignments ranging from family celebrations and special occasions to pets and portraiture.