Ross, Beth


Beth Ross is the northern Virginia franchise owner for Little Medical School, a nationwide program for elementary school students to explore the exciting science of medicine and healthcare. Through role playing, interactive learning, hands-on demonstrations, and high-quality props, students will learn what it is like to be a doctor, nurse, dentist, pediatrician, veterinarian, sports medicine professional, nutritionist, or wilderness medic. Little Medical School curriculum is written by medical professionals. Beth worked in the healthcare field as an endoscopy technician before getting involved with Little Medical School in 2015. She has led Little Medical programs at preschools, private schools, and community centers around Northern Virginia.

  • “My daughter loved Little Medical School and Ms. Ross. She taught the kids great information in a fun format. I highly recommend her class.” -K.S. (Manassas, VA)
  • “My daughter and I both had very positive exchanges with Beth Ross. She was personable with each student, seemed to know their strengths after the first class, and provided appropriate feedback at the end of almost each class session. She was kind, polite, friendly, positive, and always had a smile and cheerful attitude when we saw her at class in addition to around the campus coming and going to class. She just looked like she enjoyed being there! Beth Ross was always encouraging, spoke positively to the other children and redirected them to what she wanted them to do. A wonderful, encouraging, and interactive teacher. We would love to have her again!” -S.B. (Arlington, VA)