Kozin, Nina

Nina Kozin brings decades of experience in piano instruction to homeschooled students. Her work as a piano instructor and accompanist has taken her around the world. She has taught at the Music and Dance College of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; the Ballet of Freiburg, Germany; the Prague Conservatory in Prague, Czechoslovakia; the Royal Academy of Music in London; and in Maputo Mozambique where she notably taught the children of Mozambique’s president at the time. More recently, she was a piano instructor for undergraduate music students at George Washington University and pianist for the National Ballet Institute. For the past 20 years, Nina has focused on providing private piano instruction to students around the region. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Piano from and Master of Fine Arts in Pedagogy and Performance from the Russian Academy of Music. She has had students who performed at venues such as the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall.