Keenan, Dr. Kristin


Dr. Kristin Keenan earned a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology at University of California Davis and a Master of Science from the Department of Geosciences at San Francisco State University before earning her PhD in Earth Sciences at the University of California Riverside. Her doctoral research combined paleontology and geology in the study of undersea Mesozoic hydrocarbon seep communities. Dr. Keenan has recently begun to teach Historical Geology at Northern Virginia Community College. She taught oceanography as an Adjunct Professor at the City College of San Francisco and taught the History of Life as an Assistant Professor at the University of California Riverside. As a head teaching assistant, she also instructed courses in oceanography, earthquake country, and natural hazards and disasters. Kristin has also worked as a research associate at the US Geological Survey in the identification of volcanic material. She is a member of the Geological Society of America, American Geophysical Union, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the Paleontological Society.

  • “My kids were thrilled to be able to talk about their dinosaur passion with a real paleontologist!”