Garland, Avril


Avril Garland is the instructor for Pre-Algebra skill building classes. She has worked as a private tutor in middle school and high school mathematics and SAT/ACT prep for 20 years through her business, Vienna Tutors. Avril taught in private schools in Spain and New Jersey for three years before realizing that she preferred out-of-the-box, flexible thinking and teaching unconstrained by textbooks and institutionalized syllabi. She found that working one-on-one or in small groups as a tutor, enables her to implement a variety of customized strategies, creative techniques, and bring real-world challenges and tangible, approachable examples to her students. Avril originally earned a dual degree in English and Philosophy from the University College Dublin, Ireland. As a lifelong learner who enjoys exploring new fields and tackling new pursuits, Avril continued her higher education by taking college courses in calculus, statistics, biology, chemistry, and organic chemistry. She is also fluent in French, Spanish, and German, and has a passion for Latin and writing.