Lauren Bradshaw


Lauren is a homeschooled student who has been at Compass since its opening at 2012. She takes AP and honors-level classes at Compass and is dual enrolled at George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community college. Lauren’s responsibilities at Compass include social media management, correspondence, copy writing, editing, website and database work, the Compass Shop, and student magazine subscriptions. Her passion and areas of specialty include bio-conservation and animals sciences. She intends to major in biology in college before veterinary school where she hopes to specialize as a zoo veterinarian. She has recently participated in intensive programs with the Duke University Lemur Center, Carolina Tiger Rescue, and taken an advanced college-level course in Conservation Biology. Lauren is an accomplished state-ranked public speaker who enjoys participating in a variety of oration competitions. She is also a Girl Scout, an officer in the Alpha Rho Homeschool Honor Society, and a member of the Compass Mock Trial team and Collaborative newspaper staff.