Boyle, Dr. Karleen


Dr. Karleen Boyle Sudol is the executive director of the Science Place, Inc., in Springfield, VA. Karleen has more than twenty years experience teaching students ranging in age from preschool through adult in addition to a rich background in research as a scientist. Karleen earned a Ph.D. in Organismic Biology, Ecology, and Evolution (marine biology) from UCLA where she focused on issues of contamination in estuaries. She worked as a marine ecology specialist in Newport Beach, CA, where she consulted on marine, wetland, and mitigation issues. Karleen held numerous teaching positions at UCLA where she was honored with an award for excellence in teaching. Her work on algal blooms, estuaries, and contaminants has been published in numerous journals, and she has served on panels, committees and given presentations in her field. Karleen started with The Science Place in 2008, and became owner in 2011. She has since incorporated her passion for science in afterschool and in-school STEM enrichment programs. Ask Karleen about her special certification- as an openwater, advanced, rescue, and research diver!