WANTED: Writings & Art for the PenPoint Literary Magazine

Short stories, essays, poems, art, and photographs are needed for the upcoming edition of the PenPoint literary magazine!

PenPoint is an anthology created by students for students. The publication will showcase the writing and artistic skills of homeschooled teens from around the DC metropolitan area.

Submissions do not need to have been uniquely prepared for this literary magazine- feel free to dust off something your wrote a while ago or prepared for another class. Have something that is still in draft form or not quite finished? Not sure if it is what we are looking for? Send it in! Writers will work with a student editor who will provide feedback and help you strengthen the work. Become part of a larger community of student writers!

Writing must be at or above a 7th grade level for publication. For a complete list of submission requirements- length, formatting, restrictions, due dates, or any other questions about publication, contact the editorial board of the PenPoint literary magazine at: compass.penpoint@gmail.com