Virtual Compass Classes Available this Fall

For students who are unable to come to Compass in person this fall, several virtual classes are available. Whether you are working from home, have moved away, or don’t have transportation, Compass has some creative, interactive options for you. Check out the classes that are taught by Compass instructors over live, synchronous virtual platforms:

Acting- Cyber Stage: Alice in Cyberland (4th-6th grade) Fridays, 1:00 pm

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Dynamic Dioramas- The Explorers: Vasco Da Gama (3rd-5th grade) Mondays, 2:00 pm

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Geography Spotlight: East Asia (9th-12th grade), 4 week workshop, Thursdays, 12:00 pm-

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Modern World History– AP, Honors, or On-Level (11th-12th grade), Mondays at 10:00 am + Fridays at 1:00 pm

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Psychology: Influential Case Studies in Neuropsychology and Cognition (9th-12th grade), Thursdays at 11:00 am


Shakespeare’s Supernatural (8th-12th grade) Wednesdays, 10:00 am

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Spy Games RPG: The History of Espionage, America’s First Spies- Revolutionary War (9th-12th grade), Wednesdays, 10:00 am

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Also, Compass’s Crafty Kids Club (2nd-5th grade) has an asynchronous, distance option in which the monthly craft kit can be picked up or shipped to you to craft and create on your own schedule.

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