Teens Tackle Shakespeare at Compass!

Read it! Act it! Shakespearian coach Heather Sanderson, who hails from England, has inspired a love of Shakespeare in Compass teens since 2017. Her students explore works of Shakespeare as they were intended: out loud and with plenty of drama and sarcasm, just what teens like.

Ms Sanderson uses specially designed improv exercises to stretch teens’ imaginations and help them get “in character.” They will read-aloud and use in-class dramatization to decipher the original language, word choices, and to identify humor, tragedy, satire, mockery, betrayal, and rejection. Students will read different roles, act out scenes, practice monologues, and work through the literature while having fun with fellow teens, but this is not an acting class with memorized lines or a final performance.

Teens in grades 7-12 have two options this fall:

Shakespeare Off the Page: MacBethin person class meets at Compass on Fridays from 11am- 1pm for 11 weeks starting Sept 9.

Shakespeare On Screen: King Lear, Doom and Despair an interactive, synchronous online class on Mondays from 1pm- 3pm for 14 weeks starting Sept 12.