Send Them Outdoors in the Winter: Nature Quest & Natural Leaders Classes

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee at Compass while your kids bundle up and go outdoors. Kids get fresh air, camaraderie, exercise, and environmental education with a Senior Naturalist while parents wait indoors.

Winter is a great time for Compass outdoor classes. Animal tracks abound in the frost. The leaves are off the trees. New discoveries are visible, and students practice new skills such as shelter-making and basket weaving. In the winter, we climb boulders instead of wading in the stream.

Bundle your kids and send them to Compass for Nature Quest classes (3 levels for PreK through 4th grade), Outdoor Survivor classes (5th-6th grade), and Natural Leaders, a 5-hour outdoor program for 6th-8th graders. Sign up now! Adventures begin on January 17.

For more information on Compass nature classes, see the Nature Quest webpage. For more detailed program descriptions and to register, see the Compass Registration Page:

  • Nature Quest: Explorers (TUE, 11:00 am)- PreK-K
  • Nature Quest: Explorers (WED, 11:00 am)- PreK-K
  • Nature Quest: Adventurers (TUE, 12:00 pm)- 1st-2nd grade
  • Nature Quest: Adventurers (WED, 12:00 pm-)- 1st-2nd grade
  • Nature Quest: Path Finders (TUE, 2:00 pm)- 3rd-4th grade
  • Nature Quest: Path Finders (WED, 1:00 pm)- 3rd-4th grade
  • Outdoor Survivor (TUE, 1:00 pm)- 5th-6th grade
  • Outdoor Survivor (WED, 2:00 pm)- 5th-6th grade
  • Natural Leaders (FRI, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm)- 6th-8th grade