Starting to Homeschool This Week? Join Compass!

Are you just starting to homeschool or schooling at home?

Whether you are a veteran homeschool family just pulling out your fall planner or a new-to-homeschooling family just printing out your Notice of Intent, we welcome you to join Compass classes! Many classes are starting this week, while many others are just one week in.

Compass has more than 100+ small-group, in-person classes and 30+ online classes this fall for students in K-12. Enrollment is a la carte, mix-and-match with choices on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. We welcome homeschooled students along with those from public, private, or virtual schools, pandemic pods, learning cohorts, and microschools. If your child would benefit from learning alongside other children, hearing from another teacher, or just getting out of the house and out from behind the screen, take a look at the wide range of creative, experiential classes offered by Compass in science, technology, math, language arts, foreign language, history, social studies, art, music, acting, chess, nature exploration, and more. For high school students, Compass has options for full credit courses, honors and AP levels.

Compass takes last minute, same day, walk-in, and late registrations for our classes.