Spring Weather for the Start of RunFit Kidz Fitness Program 3/25!

Look at the gorgeous spring weather we are finally having! Wednesday’s forecast is 57 degrees! After the dull, frigid winter, this is a great time to get your child outdoors and involved in the RunFit Kidz program at Compass!

RunFit Kidz is a fun, non-competitive co-ed program for mixed age students (2nd grade and older) of all fitness levels. The program starts this week on Wednesday, March 25 at 9:40 am. RunFit Kidz is a great way for homeschoolers to get some exercise before settling into other studies for the day!

The program includes:

  • Introduction to fitness and running
  • Supportive group environment
  • Proper mechanics of running,  pacing
  • Personal goal-setting
  • Dynamic warm-ups
  • Strength training
  • Running technique activities and drills
  • Games and relays
  • Cool-down stretching
  • Incentive tokens for incremental distances
  • Featured body system or muscle group each week
  • Weekly health topics include nutrition tip of the day


The class will gather indoors, but exercise and running will take place outdoors, on the grounds and paths of the wooded Compass campus. The program is designed to help emerging runners build incremental endurance over 8 weeks, and the group’s accomplishments are celebrated with a 5K (3 mile) celebration fun run/walk. Spring quarter runners will be invited to join other RunFit Kidz students from around northern Virginia for a 5K fun run on Sunday, May 23. Parents who wish to try running or improve their own fitness may register themselves for this class. Register online at www.compassclasses.com.

 RunFit Kidz Spring 5K