Reminder: Fall Registration Opens May 18; Summer Registration is Open

Don’t forget! REGISTRATION for Compass Fall classes opens tomorrow morning, May 18, at 6:00 am! New families and returning families are welcome to enroll in more than 150 classes for homeschooled students in PreK – 12th grade.
If you looked at the schedule last week, check again as there were a few changes and additions:

  • Learn to Sing for Tweens (Tue 10am)
  • Learn to Sing for Kids (Tue 11am)
  • Preschool Science with Penny’s Puppets (Thu 11am)
  • Writers’ Workshop: Time Travel! (Historical Fiction) (Thu 12pm)
  • Public Speaking: The Great Speeches (Oratorical) (Thu 1pm)
  • Drum Jam: Beginning Rhythms (Thu 2pm)
  • American History Alive- 2nd show in Montgomery County (Tue 2pm)
  • Shakespeare’s Supernatural *ONLINE* (Moved from Tue to Wed)
  • If you have any questions about the schedule, need help selecting classes, want to discuss homeschooling in general, or would like to talk about homeschooling high school, feel free to drop in for an Open House/Information Session today, Monday, May 17 at 1:00 pm (grades K-8) or 3:00 pm (grades 9-12). Sign up HERE.

    Fall Highlights:

  • 2- American History Alive programs, in Herndon, VA, and Silver Spring, MD
  • 3- Chess classes plus the annual Quads Chess Tournament
  • 3- Personal Skills classes- Study Skills (1) and Social Skills (2)
  • 5- Literature classes
  • 5- Afterschool classes
  • 6- Preschool classes
  • 6- Virtual classes
  • 7- Fitness, Fencing, Krav Maga classes in our new Activity Room
  • 9- Math levels
  • 9- Outdoor Education programs
  • 10- Writing classes
  • 13- Career Exploration classes
  • 14- Foreign Language classes
  • 16- Robotics and Coding classes
  • 17- Cooking, Baking, and Culinary Skills in our new teaching Kitchen
  • 22- Visual Arts classes
  • 22- Performing Arts & Music classes in our new Music and Activity Rooms
  • 22- History/Humanities classes
  • 24- Science & Technology