Registration is Now Open for Compass Winter Classes & Workshops!

Early registration for Compass winter classes and workshops is now OPEN. A 10% early registration discount is offered through December 18. Don’t wait because class sizes are small, spaces are limited, and some popular classes fill quickly!

Winter classes begin the week of January 18 and run through the week of March 8 (or May 28). Quarter-long classes are 8 weeks, and semester-long classes are 16 weeks. Winter workshops are 5-day camps the weeks of January 4 and January 11 to fill in some quiet weeks after the New Year. Compass classes are for homeschooled students and those schooling from home this year. New families are welcome to enroll. Discover our a-la-carte menu of core, enrichment, and elective classes in math, science, engineering, technology, history, humanities, civics, public speaking, writing, Spanish, French, art, music, drama, chess, fitness, etc. for for students in K-12th grade. This quarter, look for 70+ small group, in-person classes and 30+ online classes. A partial list of classes includes:


  • Music Makers (K-2nd)
  • Investigative Archaeology- Forensics (9th-12th grade)
  • FUNctional Fitness: Homeschool PE (2 sections)
  • All About Astronomy: Are We Alone? Exoplanets & the Search for Extraterrestrial Life (5th-6th grade)
  • Bibliophiles Book Group: Order & Chaos (7th-8th grade)
  • Fun & Functional Fiber Art (2 levels)
  • Jui-Jitsu Fit for Kids (5th-8th)
  • Kids’ Engineering Lab: Aviation Challenge (2 levels)
  • Preschool Art Adventures (ages 3.5 – 5)
  • Fencing for Beginners & Advanced Beginners (5th-8th grade)
  • Fundamentals of Drawing: Fantasy Figures (7th-12th)
  • Virtual

  • Roundtable Literature Seminar- Dystopian Discourse (9th-12th)
  • Cyber Stage: Objection! Disorder in the Court (6th-8th grade)
  • Writers’ Workshop: Classics, Paintings, and Poetry- A Passport Adventure (5th-7th grade)
  • Introduction to Philosophy: Minds & Knowledge (9t-12th)
  • Hysterical Shakespeare- The Bard’s Best Comedy Scenes (8th-12th grade)
  • Dynamic Dioramas: Virginia History- War of 1812 (5th-8th)
  • ….and dozens more!

    Do you see a year-long class that you are interested in joining in-progress? Contact Compass about placement and prorated fees. Check the Schedule page for all options by day and hour. Look at Class Descriptions for class details, grade range, prerequisites, and instructors. All in-person classes meet in our new Herndon location, and a detailed COVID plan is in effect.

    Follow Compass news and announcements for community events, workshops, clubs, contests, and more. Looking for other options? Contact us about concierge tutoring services, private or pod-only classes, or rental space.