Pirates and Kangaroos at Compass, Oh My!

Compass has some all-new math opportunities for students of all ages!

Math Pirates (Teen Math Club)

A math club is starting at Compass for students ages 13+ who enjoy math and might be interested in math competitions and activities. Students should be working at the Algebra I level or higher. An interest and organizational meeting will be held at Compass on Thursday, December 10 from 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm. Read more about the club here and RSVP by e-mailing compassmathclub@gmail.com

Math Kangaroo Competition

Compass is the northern Virginia test site for the annual Math Kangaroo competition! Math Kangaroo is an international contest held March 18. Students in K-12th take a 75 min test with fun and interesting math challenge questions. Prizes and recognitions are provided for all participants and for top scorers. For more contest info, see the Compass Math Kangaroo webpage. Register by December 15 through the Math Kangaroo USA website. Look for the option to “Register for an In-Person Center (Public)” Visit Math Kangaroo site for example and practice problems.