No Boring History Here!

Compass has innovative, experiential history classes that will get kids and teens excited about connecting with history in all new ways! Click on the links below for complete description, days/times, and to register.

American History Alive! Meet influential characters from 1700s American History, in weekly, live performances by costumed, living history presenters. (3rd grade – adult)- 2 shows: Herndon (AM) and Silver Spring (PM) See a montage of previous years’ presentations.

Historical Dioramas: Discover a specific, detailed historical event through maps, photos, renderings, and rich class discussion while building historical dioramas.

Spy Games: Uncover the history of espionage and spying in the Revolutionary War through a role-playing game- (9th-12th grade)- 2 sections: in person and fully virtual

The Most Ancient History:  Unearth influential civilizations and significant human history well before Greece and Rome with a college professor who has studied and participated in archeological digs in these ancient areas.  (9th-12th grade)

3D History: Examine the early years of World War II, specifically the Fall of France and Blitzkrieg of 1940 through historical, miniature gaming on a giant, tabletop battlefield terrain.  (9th-12th grade)

Modern World History: Year-long exploration of modern, World History in a full-credit high school class taught in an engaging, “flipped classroom” approach with innovative assignments, fun group projects, and creative exploration. Students can elect on-level, honors, or AP track (11th-12th grade) – 2 sections: hybrid and fully virtual

Early Medieval History: Interpret the “who” and “how” of history in an interactive seminar-style class where the instructor/historian brings maps, primary sources, artifacts, and period pieces (swords, daggers, helmets, and more) from his personal collection to teach Early Medieval History, the Rise of Roman Empire through 9th century Ireland & Britain (8th-12th grade)- 1 seat remaining.