New Seminar! Accidental and Almost Presidents

In honor of Presidents’ Day, introducing….”Accidental and Almost Presidents,” a new, 10-week high school seminar at Compass. High school students will review the accomplishments and impacts of accidental presidents (VPs who ascended the office after death, assassination and resignation) and almost-presidents ( from some too-close-to call and contentious races). In this Socratic-style seminar, students will meet Presidents Andrew Johnson, Lyndon Johnson, Chester Arthur, and Andrew Jackson, and lesser-known would-be presidents, Samuel Tilden, Al Gore, Thomas Dewey, acting president Edith Wilson, and others. Facilitated by political science/economics instructor and retired college professor Dr. John Kornaki, the class will consider consequences of these leaders and elections. This seminar meets for 10 weeks at 2pm on Fridays, starting March 11. Register HERE.