NEW! Nature Quest & Outdoor Survivor Summer Day Camps

Catch a crawfish, net a newt, and touch a turtle. Welcome summer by wandering through the woods and splashing in the stream. Animals are active and sunning themselves. Plants are mature, and flowers have gone to seed. The stream is bursting with life, and discoveries abound at the water’s edge.

Venture outdoors to explore nature with a senior naturalist/outdoor educator. Celebrate the end of sit-down classes, indoor activities, and screen time by exploring the natural world, getting fresh air, and exercise. The group will explore the southern section of Sugarland Stream Valley Park in Herndon while they discover all the secrets that woods hold when you stop, look, listen, smell, touch, turn-over, and peek under! Campers will get to know native animals and key plants and trees in our area. Emphasis will be on becoming comfortable with things they encounter outdoors, observing and appreciating discoveries in nature, safe exploration of the woods, and how to be a good steward of nature. The group will also discuss outdoor skills such as shelter and outdoor safety and play games in the woods to practice outdoor skills.

There four Nature Quest and Outdoor Survivor Camps scheduled in early June:

  • Nature Quest 3-day camp, K-2nd grade, MWF mornings, June 7, 9, 11 (10am-12pm)…Register HERE
  • Nature Quest 3-day camp, K-2nd grade, MWF afternoons, June 7, 9, 11 (1pm-3pm)…Register HERE
  • Nature Quest 5-day camp, 3rd-4th grade, M-F mornings, June 14-18 (10am-12pm)…Register HERE
  • Outdoor Survivor Camp 5-day camp, 5th-6th grade, M-F afternoons June 14-18, (1pm- 4pm)…Register HERE
  • If your family is looking for school-year programs, check out the 7 Nature Quest classes, 1 Outdoor Survivor class, and 5-hour Natural Leaders programs offered by Compass in the fall. For Frequently Asked Questions about Nature Quest (what to bring, what to wear, where to meet, etc), see the information page.