New! High School Supreme Court Seminar

Inspired by her former middle school students asking for “more”, Compass government and civics instructor Leila Leoncavallo has developed an all new, Supreme Court seminar, just for high school students! In “Supreme Court 101: Inside the Highest Court” Students will learn how the judicial branch works from a Supreme Court insider! Ms Leoncavallo serves as a docent at the US Supreme Court in addition being an attorney with experience spanning state supreme court, district attorney’s office, circuit court, and positions in consumer advocacy.

Ms Leoncavallo will guide students in an examination of how the judicial branch relates to the legislative and executive branches. They will study the basics of how the Supreme Court operates today: how cases reach the Court, how cases are decided, and how they become the law of the land. Students will learn the names and backgrounds of our current justices, and discuss how the justices’ backgrounds may have shaped their judicial philosophies. They will analyze and discuss landmark historical and recent cases. The class will be taught as an interactive seminar to encourage critical thinking, discussion, and respectful debate and is best suited for advanced, analytical students.

“Supreme Court 101: Inside the Highest Court” is a 14-week, semester-long seminar offered on Fridays at Compass starting September 11. The class meets for two hours, from 9:00 am – 10:55 am as part of Compass Teen Fridays. Supreme Court 101 is for high school students in 9th-12th grade, but motivated 8th graders may also register for the class. See the Compass website for full class description, other class options, academic calendar, instructor profiles, and registration details!


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