New: Allergy-Friendly Cooking Class

Has your child has missed out on cooking classes because of food allergies? “Clean Plate” is the all-new Compass cooking class that avoids the top 8 food allergens: eggs, milk/dairy, wheat/gluten, nuts/tree nuts, soy, sesame, and fish/shellfish. Each week, students will make a delicious recipe with fresh ingredients and creative substitutions that the whole family will enjoy. The quarter’s menu includes:

  • Tomato Chicken Vegetable Soup
  • Roasted Vegetables with Fresh Herbs
  • Pumpkin Lasagna
  • Thai-inspired Zucchini Noodles
  • Chickpea salad
  • Rice Balls
  • Eggless Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce
  • Brownie Bites

Clean Plate Allergy-Friendly Cooking is for kids in grades 3-6. The class meets on Wednesdays at 9:00 am starting January 12. Sign up before December 18 to save 10% with the early registration discount. Register HERE.