Money Savvy! Personal Finance Class for Teens

How are you teaching your teen about the value of money? Students in Virginia’s public schools must take a 1-semester course in personal finance. While this course is not “required” of homeschooled students, what teen wouldn’t benefit from learning about salaries, taxes, personal budgets, loans, interest rates, credit cards, and investing? A recent Wall Street Journal article revealed that even Harvard has begun to teach Personal Finance. With rising student loan debts and the overuse of consumer credit, it is important for teens to start to learn about Personal Finance. Most students will receive multiple credit card offers in their first week of college…will your teen know what to do?

Compass still has space in the 14-week class, “Money Savvy: Personal Finance Fundamentals” offered for 9th-12th graders on Fridays at 11:00 am. Register today!