Learn a High School Foreign Language…In Person!

Need to learn a foreign language for high school? You can’t talk to your computer screen, a textbook, or an app!

To learn a new language, you need real people to practice speaking with! Get started on high school French or Spanish this year with small group, in-person classes at Compass.

Compass is offering French I and Spanish I this fall for students in grades 8-12. These classes meet once a week on Fridays and cover a full year of a high school foreign language. Compass foreign language classes are designed to build teens’ confidence as they practice a new language– out loud. The classes will follow a traditional progression of vocabulary, grammar, phrases, and culture, but class discussions will be geared toward the things that teens want to talk about and will incorporate timely, interesting vocabulary and enough essential grammar to get the conversation started.

Not sure if your teen needs to take a foreign language? Sources for college prep suggest you do:

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  • College Vine
  • College Transitions
  • In addition, Compass offers ASL I which will begin the year as an online class. Register for French I, Spanish I, or American Sign Language (ASL) I at Compass today:

  • French I
  • Spanish I
  • ASL I