LAST CHANCE: Register for the 2020 Junior Spelling Bee!

Last call for any young students interested in participating in the 2020 Junior Spelling Bee!

The annual homeschool Junior Spelling Bee will be held this Wednesday, February 5, and is for students under age 9. The Junior Bee is a low-pressure, fun, first bee, where the top two winners are invited to participate in the Senior Spelling Bee. See the bee webpage for more details.

Students must be under age 9 for this bee. The Junior Spelling Bee is open to homeschooled students from northern Virginia, regardless of whether or not they take classes at Compass. Compass students who reside in Maryland, West Virginia, and/or Washington DC are eligible to participate, however, homeschooled students from these areas who do not attend Compass classes cannot be accommodated and are encouraged to find or organize bees in their own area.

The bee will be held at 4:30 pm at 2705 Hunter Mill Road in Oakton in the Program Building on the Compass campus.

Register by noon on Tuesday, February 4 if your child is interested in participating! Register online through the Compass Store.