Homeschooling High School (or just home for high school)? Read This!

If you have a teen at home this fall, do you have a solid plan in place for high school classes? Make sure that you don’t come up short on classes or credits. Compass has dozens of high-school level classes- both online(*) and in-person- to make sure you are homeschooling a complete and well-rounded academic year.

Not sure what you classes your high schooler needs? Watch the Compass video on Program of Study for more guidance. In general you should make sure you have something planned for each of the following core academic areas plus electives to customize your teen’s experience. Advanced 8th graders are permitted to take most Compass beginning high school level classes. Read below for the options that Compass has this fall to fill each of these:

Confusion over credits? Unsure where to “count” some Compass classes? Watch the Compass the video on Awarding Credits. Look for additional vides on transcripts, record-keeping, and more.

Registration is ongoing. Compass Classes begin on 9/8/20.