Happy New (Homeschool) Year from Compass!

Compass looks forward to celebrating a great New Year and continuing to support your homeschooling (or schooling at home) this year! We are in our 9th year and have lots of exciting new changes this year, including our new location in Herndon. Please check out:

Winter Workshops:

20+, in-person, small-group, 5-day winter workshops the week of January 11. Look at our workshops in visual arts, acting, music, just-for-fun themes (like Minecraft, Gameschooling, and Magic Camp) and life skills like sewing, first aid, and babysitter training. All Winter Workshop pricing has been slashed 10% for New Years. Sort by “Workshops” (blue button) on the Registration page to see all wokshops.

In-Person Classes:

80+ in-person, small-group classes begin the week of January 19. Innovative, hands-on classes in math, science, engineering, technology, history, civics, writing, literature, French, Spanish, ASL, art, music, drama, chess, fitness, fencing, and more for PK-12th grade. See our schedule or Registration page for all in-person class options.

Online Classes:

30+ online classes taught synchronously. Most online classes are for high school students, but 10 classes are for upper elementary/middle in science, history, social sciences, English, current events, art history, abstract art, and more. Classes begin the week of January 19. Sort by “Virtual” (blue button) on the Registration page to see all virtual class options.

Online Workshops:

13 virtual workshops offered in partnership with the Mariner’s Museum of Newport News. Workshops are geared towards 3rd-5th grade but can be enjoyed by the whole family. Register by series or individual workshop topic: Ancient Expeditions (6 sessions); Outrageous Nature (4 sessions); Uncovering the Past (3 sessions)


Upcoming in-person contests and bees to challenge kids, celebrate their learning, and enhance their student resumes: AMC 10/12, Math Kangaroo, Greater Fairfax Homeschool Geography Bee, Junior Spelling Bee, Senior Spelling Bee, and Annual Quads Chess Tournament.

Social Events/Clubs:

Social activities and events to get your kids out of the house and interacting with others! Teen Game Nights (Fri), Family Game Days (Tue), Valentines Exchange, Alpha Rho Homeschool Honor Society, Academic Bowl Club, Middle School Astronomy Club, High School Astronomy Club, Compass Collaborative Student Newspaper, PenPoint Literary Magazine, and High School Mock Trial (full)

Individualized Tutoring:

Contact Compass for information about working with a Compass teacher one-on-one or with your small group or pod to teach core subjects or topics not covered in our classes.

All in-person workshops, classes, clubs, and activities are held safely, in small groups with Compass’s conscientious COVID prevention plan.

Please forward and share this news with your homeschool friends. If you or someone you know is starting to homeschool mid-year, contact Compass for a phone consultation on getting started with homeschooling or class selection, including counseling on high school scheduling or joining an in-progress class mid-year.