GET A CLUE! Winter Classes in Forensics, Cryptology, Espionage, and More

From Harriet the Spy to the Hardy Boys; Encyclopedia Brown to Bones; and Nancy Drew to NCIS, kids of all ages are enthralled by the world of unsolved mysteries. This winter, Compass has 5 small group, in-person classes to inspire future sleuths, spies, and CSI scientists! Discover how math, biology, chemistry, and physics come together in these exciting fields. Explore:

  • Investigative Archaeology- Forensics (9th-12th grade) Use physical evidence to understand or re-create what happened to an individual through life, death, and burial. Practice field and forensic archaeology techniques for the interpretation of skeletal remains and discover various methods of aging artifacts through archaeological chemistry. 16 weeks.
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  • CSI Forensic Science Lab (6th-8th grade) Fingerprinting, hair and fiber analysis, blood-typing, evidence collection, microscopy, chromatography, and more. 16 weeks. Two class sections to choose from:
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  • Mental Math Fun: Logic & Reasoning Puzzles (5th-6th grade) Learn mathematical thinking, problem-solving skills, and predictions through puzzles, games, and riddles. 8 weeks
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  • Cracking Codes, Cryptology for Kids (3rd-4th grade) All new ciphers and codes for 3rd quarter including Atbash, Running Key, and Four-Square ciphers and a black light invisible ink. 8 weeks.
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  • Spy Games RPG, The History of Espionage in The Cold War (8th-12th grade) Only 1 space remains in each section of this dynamic role playing game. Uncover the lives and techniques of real Cold War spies. 16 weeks. Two class sections to choose from:
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    Register for these classes or others by December 19 to receive a 10% discount. Winter classes begin January 19.