Fitness & Music Classes Return to Compass: New Activity Room!

Great news! For 2nd quarter, several active, fitness and movement-based classes are returning to Compass! For kids who need a break from screen time or an opportunity to get the wiggles out between sit-down classes, Compass has 6 class options:

Fencing for Beginners: Fencing Sports Academy returns for their 6th year at Compass to introduce Olympic-style fencing.
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FUNctional Fitness: Conditioning and Cross-Training (Homeschool PE): Compass is pleased to introduce Iman Castaneda, a homeschool mom, lead CrossFit coach, personal trainer, former MMA competitor, and Jiu-jitsu practitioner. Join Coach Iman for a fun, well-rounded circuit-style homeschool PE class.
Register: Fun Fitness (Wed) Register: Fun Fitness (Thu)

Jiu-Jitsu Fit for Kids: Join Coach Iman for this fun, interactive, physical fitness program for kids inspired by the Brazilian self-defense martial art jiu-jitsu.
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Krav Maga for Kids: Coach Sarah (Sarah Reynolds) returns for her 3rd year at Compass to teach students self-defense and fitness through the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga. Activities incorporate balance, coordination, energy, and confidence.
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Music Makers: Miss Kathy (Kathy Preisinger) returns for her 9th year at Compass to lead young students on a musical adventure through singing, moving, dancing, listening, and playing instruments.
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Where will these classes be held? Everyone who has visited Compass’s new space has seen the clean, bright, spacious- but traditional- classrooms. There’s no space to run, jump, kick, sing or dance…so we annexed a new area in the adjacent building! Introducing “Suite J”, Compass’s new Activity Room.

The new area is more than 1000 SF- generous for class sizes of 8 students. Students will be able to maintain distances of 6-8 feet while still working out out, playing, and learning together. Coaches and teachers will meet their students in front of our classroom suite and accompany the group to the Activity Room. The waiting area will have chairs for 5-6 parents.

Compass’s fitness and music classes begin 2nd quarter on Wednesday, October 27 and Thursday, October 28. Register for these classes by this Friday to get a 10% early registration discount.