Dissection: The Science You Don’t Want to Do at Home!

Dissections are critical high school lab skills that schools skip and parents hate hosting at home.

Join Compass for Dissection Lab this fall! During Semester 1, students will investigate and dissect major Organs and Organ Systems to include circulatory, nervous, excretory, and musculoskeletal system and the senses. Second semester, dissections will explore Comparative Anatomy across animal phylla to include a mussel, jellyfish, starfish, earthworm, squid, octopus, grasshopper, perch, dogfish, frog, and others. Other skills include lab safety, maintaining a lab journal, and microscopy.

This lab can be paired with any independent study or online course in high school biology or anatomy in order to gain significant hands-on experience to complete a lab science credit. Students whose public or private school bio class dodges dissection are also welcome to sign up for the course. Pair this lab with Compass’s Anatomy & Physiology or Principles of Biology courses for a more in-depth life science laboratory experience.

Dissection Lab is for students in 8th-12th grade. It is an 13-week class that meets on Mondays at 3:30 pm starting September 13. Registration for Dissection Lab HERE.